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Our Laws are Colliding

This is a serious issue, but it is also an example of how our laws — freedom, non-discrimination, non-establishment of religion, etc – collide with one another and create what appears to many of us to be intolerable conditions. Jason Hoyt: Once upon a time, American universities encouraged students to create community around common interests [Read More…]

What About Enuma Elish and Other ANE Myths? (RJS)

Chapter Three of Peter Enns’s new book The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins looks at the relationship between the stories of origins contained in the Hebrew Scriptures – our Old Testament – and the stories of origins in the surrounding Ancient Near East (ANE) cultures. Before the [Read More…]

God Between Body Parts

We often begin in the wrong place. Too many begin eucharist discussions with the debates between the Lutherans and the Catholics and the anabaptists, and ask how Christ is present (and they disagree and miss the point). It turns eucharist blurry instead of offering clarity. The place to begin is when God walked between body [Read More…]