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The Evangelical Awakening

David Hempton, one of Ireland’s (and America’s) finest historians of all things evangelical, most notably its Wesleyan/Methodist axis, observes two features of the great evangelical awakening: First, that it was “largely a generational movement of young people.” Second, “… most surveys have shown that the majority of the rank-and-file was female. … One does not [Read More…]

Wearing the Cross

In the UK there is some dispute over the admissibility of wearing a cross in public, and the bishops are now getting involved. They [bishops] have signed a motion condemning the “silencing” of outward displays of Christianity in Britain and a “growing trend” towards the “restriction of religious liberty” which is to be debated at [Read More…]

Tiger Mom meets Croissant Mom

Here is a report/story of why French parenting, which focuses more on delayed gratification, has something to teach American parenting. After a few more harrowing restaurant visits, I started noticing that the French families around us didn’t look like they were sharing our mealtime agony. Weirdly, they looked like they were on vacation. French toddlers [Read More…]

New Creation Gospel

I have said this before, but I want to repeat it: the soterian gospel resolves one problem — our broken relationship with God. The soterian gospel focuses on one event — the cross as the place where Christ takes our place, shoulders our sins, removes our guilt, and forgives our sin. The soterian gospel pleads [Read More…]

A Balanced Perspective of Images for Ministry

John Piper’s address about a masculine ministry and masculine Christianity was bold  but nowhere in the New Testament are ministers (used here generically) called to be “manly” or to be “masculine.” He equated in those comments “masculine” and “male,” and they are not the same. In fact, being “masculine” is not a term on the [Read More…]