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Sorry, but only one “t”

There seems to be a rash of misspellers on my blog of late. My mom and dad, because my father’s father came from Scotland (one “t” kind of land), saddled me with a one “t” kind of first name and I have lived my whole life getting folks to spell that name correctly. (To those [Read More…]

Sex Trafficking Heroes

By Eric Marrapodi: Greensboro, North Carolina (CNN) —The truck-stop hooker is no Julia Roberts, the trucker in the cab with her no Richard Gere, and this truck stop off the highway could not be any farther from Beverly Hills, the staging ground for “Pretty Woman.” The woman sports baggy shorts, a white T-shirt and frizzy [Read More…]

Adam and Atrahasis (RJS)

Chapter three of the new book by Peter Enns, The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins, looks at the relationship between the stories of origins contained in the Hebrew Scriptures – our Old Testament – and the stories of origins in the surrounding Ancient Near East (ANE) cultures. [Read More…]

Christians are People-in-Waiting

Undoubtedly, the tide has turned. Voices like Tom Wright and Brian McLaren have convinced many that we need to quit obsessing about escaping from this world and to rethink our belief that heaven is “out there” in the sky where we go when we die. Surely the vision of Revelation 21–22 ought to convince us [Read More…]