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Syler on Tim

Syler Thomas, co-author of Jesus Creed for Students, was an acting student who got an interesting note recently from one of his theatre profs who gave him a different angle on Tim Tebow. Youthful fidelity is a good thing. From the Chicago Tribune: I wasn’t proud of the fact that I was the only pastor [Read More…]

Science, Faith and the Public Sector

From Lawrence M. Krauss: The researchers of the new paper concluded: “Outward displays of belief in God may be viewed as a proxy for trustworthiness … believers may consider atheist’s absence of belief as a public threat to cooperation and honesty.” This probably explains recent electoral successes of openly devout presidential candidates who previously demonstrated [Read More…]

God is a Verb that Acts like Jesus

One of my friends, David Fitch, routinely opines about megachurches, and I often (as one attached at the hip to Willow Creek) say that whatever can be done in a small church can be done in a megachurch. Small groups, check; friends, check; group formation, check; corporate worship, check; corporate instruction, check; community embodiment of [Read More…]

Changing Apologetics

In some ways defense of the Christian faith is the same; in other ways it has changed — for some quite dramatically. Example: C.S. Lewis argued that without God morality is disestablished as a universal. For some this argument is compelling; for many today this argument confirms what one already believes but does not compel [Read More…]