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Where shall we go?

Christopher Benson, in his review of John Stackhouse’s portion of the book the spectrum of evangelicalism, makes this closing, and it’s worth your careful read — and a response. Where do you think such a person can find a home? Canterbury? Rome? Wittenburg? Geneva? Earlier I said I embrace Stackhouse’s criteria of generic evangelicalism “as [Read More…]

Housing Market: Bottoming?

This guy, Keith Jurow, says a big loud NO! Bill McBride is a very credible economic analyst whom I respect.  But he is dead wrong in predicting that the housing market is bottoming.  Here is why. I will not discuss the first part of his claim – about housing starts – because I do not [Read More…]

The Rhetoric of Masculine Christianity

Lindsey Hankins is working on a second master’s degree and aiming at a PhD in the gendered rhetoric of martyrdom so her take on the masculine Christianity discussion provides insight. This is her response to the John Piper claim. At a recent Desiring God conference, John Piper contended the church and its ministry ought to [Read More…]

What Happens When We Die?

Every pastor has been asked this question: What happens when we die? In fact, the pastor often hears this question more poignantly in these terms: Where is my father/mother/brother/sister/friend now? This puts the pastor on the spot to be both theologian (what does the Bible/Christian tradition say?) and judged (with God or not?). At this [Read More…]