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Library Help

I’m searching for some information. I’m wondering if anyone can locate the 1953 and (also) the 1966 edition of Henrietta Mears’ What the Bible is All About. My school’s library does not have the 1953 edition or the 1966 edition. Here is my question: Does the 1953 edition and does the 1966 edition have the [Read More…]

Church Worship Music: What’s lacking?

A pastor friend of mine wrote me this letter: We’re always on the lookout for worship music that reflects theological themes that are infrequently reflected in modern worship music.  Sometimes we rearrange older hymns in order to capture ideas that modern music seems to miss.  For example we’ve really struggled to find songs that reference [Read More…]

YHWH is Creator and Redeemer, But is Adam Israel? (RJS)

Part One (Ch 1-4) of the new book by Peter Enns, The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins, discusses Genesis as an ancient story of Israel’s self-definition. Chapter 4, Israel and Primordial Time, sums up the discussion of Genesis and the Old Testament and moves on to consider [Read More…]

The Story and Daily Life

All this talk about Story, all this talk about reading the Bible’s narrative, all this talk … well, what difference does it make? More precisely, what difference does it make for the Christian life? I ape Paul’s words: “much, in every way.” But that only means we have to explain how it makes a difference. [Read More…]