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SBC and the NIV 2011

This from Life Way’s Press Release: NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Trustees of LifeWay Christian Resources voted to continue selling the new NIV Bible in LifeWay stores, approved a new vice president for its largest division and elected new board officers. Meeting Feb. 13-14 at LifeWay offices in downtown Nashville, trustees heard a report from a special [Read More…]

Parenting Perceptions

K.J. dell’ Antonia: What does this say about our culture? “It’s not baby-sitting when Daddy does it.” It’s been seven years, but I’ve never forgotten those words. My neighbor across the street was heading out for work, tall, well-dressed and ready. Her child, a few years older than mine, had just wailed, “But I don’t [Read More…]

Cessationism and Another Gospel (by T)

This post, on Cessationism, Word-Faith and ‘Another Gospel,’ is by T, a regular contributor here. (I’m ready to call him a Jesus Creed Correspondent.) [Cessationism, roughly, means the miraculous gifts seen in the New Testament have ceased and are not therefore today.] I want to start this discussion with our ideas of ‘gospel.’ As we’ve [Read More…]

To “Millennium” or Not?

What about you? Do you believe in a (literal) millennium? That is, do you think Christ will establish a 1000 year rule on earth, through Jerusalem, before which there will be a great battle and after which there will be the final great battle, the resurrection and eternity? Or do you see the millennium more [Read More…]