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Masculine Christianity’s Problem?

Stephanie Coontz: One of the major issues today is the rise of education among women, making some men feel intimidated. I clipped some paragraphs from this article, and it is worth your read. In other words, the problem might be the education and confidence of women, while males are increasingly less educated than women today. [Read More…]

Single, and Not Happy about it

From Ellen McCarthy: A good post on crashing some stereotypes, and a good reminder to listen. Braitman’s mom died six weeks later. She had always loved her daughter fiercely and supported her fully, except in this one aspect, her singleness. Even today, Braitman sometimes mentally revises past conversations to find the right words to make [Read More…]

Professors: What about lectures?

This piece by Craig Lambert, from Harvard Magazine, repeats a well-known meme — that lectures are on their way out and they are ineffective, but I wonder what the professors among us think. Albert Camus: “Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep.” What do you think? Is lecturing ineffective? Is this [Read More…]

Anabaptism and Atonement: Thomas Finger

This from Thomas Finger, A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology, 361-362, where we find one of Anabaptism’s finest theologians seeking to do justice to both the Anabaptist tradition (which he says was most centrally Christus Victor) and to the Bible, articulates his own view as follows: What do you think of this explanation of atonement? Adequate? Sufficient? [Read More…]