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Junia is Not Alone

I take the title of this post from the little e-book I wrote, Junia is Not Alone. Here is the kind of evidence that needs to be repeated and expanded more and more. Thanks to Sandra Glahn for this fine sketch: Often evangelicals teach that women were content with their lot in life until Betty Friedan [Read More…]

Independent, but Dependent

From Binyamin Appelbaum and Robert Gebeloff: There is little poverty here in Chisago County, northeast of Minneapolis, where cheap housing for commuters is gradually replacing farmland. But Mr. Gulbranson and many other residents who describe themselves as self-sufficient members of the American middle class and as opponents of government largess are drawing more deeply on [Read More…]

Ed Stetzer Interview on King Jesus Gospel

Ed Stetzer opened his blog last Wednesday for an interview he conducted with me about The King Jesus Gospel, and I’m reposting that interview here. What was your primary purpose for writing this book? I have been working on “gospel” for about a decade, beginning in my classes at North Park and some of this [Read More…]

The Return

Anthony Thiselton: “In spite of those who underestimate the central importance of the Return of Christ in the New Testament, the concept remains central from the earliest New Testament writings to the latest” (89). There is an issue here: moderns and postmoderns find this element of NT and early Christian belief a bit embarrassing, if [Read More…]