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And Daniel Kirk Said This Too!

From Arise, CBE’s newsletter: On Jesus’ Choosing Twelve Men J. R. Daniel Kirk (PhD), New Testament professor at Fuller Seminary Northern California, is an author, and he blogs daily at Storied Theology ( He will be speaking in April at the CBE Houston Conference, “A New Creation. A New Tradition: Reclaiming the Biblical Tradition of [Read More…]

A Letter: A Pastor and His Daughter

I open this letter for you. Read it and pray. Several weeks ago I downloaded Junia is Not Alone.  As the only person on staff at a small church, I am also taking two courses so I have not had time to read it. Until today. Thank you. Thank you for being willing to say [Read More…]

Is the Adam of Genesis Not Paul’s Adam? (RJS)

Part Two (Ch 5-7) of the new book by Peter Enns, The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins, turns to Paul’s Adam in the context of Paul’s theology, Paul’s Christology, and Paul’s view of scripture.  Chapter 5 introduces the topics, Chapter 6 looks at Paul as an ancient [Read More…]

Not Many Say This

Not many say what Daniel Kirk has said: “I am going to argue that Paul’s letters, to a greater extent even than the ministry of Jesus itself, establish a narrative trajectory of unity through equality” (Jesus Have I Loved, But Paul?, 118). So there you go: the bold claim that in Paul’s own ministry and [Read More…]