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“So we cancelled it all…”

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Faith and Sports

David Brooks gets to the heart of the athlete and compares it to the heart of faith. Is competition fundamentally at odds with following Christ? Is the ambition to win? What differences are between Brooks’ sketch of the athlete and the business person/entrepreneur? The moral universe of modern sport is oriented around victory and supremacy. [Read More…]

Preparing My Palate During Lent (Jeff Cook)

Whenever I look for a God, I encounter Jesus. Many of my friends and colleagues will tease that when I believe, all I am doing is putting faith in an ancient book, but of course that’s not how I get there. When I scan the philosophies about God, when I look for a narrative driving [Read More…]

Resurrection Spirituality

At the heart of Christian belief about the future is resurrection — the resurrection of Christ, the resurrection of the saints, and the power of God to make all things new. On this general idea we agree — and then the problems begin. What will a resurrection body be like? Tom Wright is not alone [Read More…]