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Lenten Discipline

An excellent proposal by JoHannah Reardon: I am not part of a church that regularly practices Lent, but the last few years I thought it would be good for me to give up something for 40 days, helping me to see my addictions and dependencies. In our indulgent, instant-gratification society, I saw the value of [Read More…]

Women, Faith, Decline

By Patricia Wittberg, a piece mostly on the decline of Catholic women in the RCC but one can see a trend across the spectrum … and this study deserves some attention. In Western societies like Europe and the United States, women are more religious than men. That is a sociological truism supported by a wealth [Read More…]

Reflections on Sticky Faith and The King Jesus Gospel (RJS)

Last summer Scot posted a few times on the book Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Chap Clark. This book contains a wealth of good advice for parents, especially parents of younger children looking for ways to build faith in their children. The book also discusses the kinds of things that churches can do to [Read More…]

Is the gospel inherently social?

The question many Bible readers have asked and are still asking, and an observation many make at the visceral level, is this: Is there a driving concern for social justice in Paul’s letters? Daniel Kirk, in Jesus Have I Loved, But Paul?, brings in slavery and how slave owners often justified slavery and subjugation in [Read More…]