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Women and Social Media

By Melissa Bell: Do you see the same patterns? Social media becoming more and more populated by women? Social use vs. task-driven? Are social media sites destined to always be the online equivalent of a seventh-grade dance? Men on one side, women on the other? The numbers suggest that, instead, women will soon overrun the [Read More…]

Lenten Challenge

Eugene Cho has a potent reminder: We are now in the Lenten season and let me begin by sharing outright that Lent isn’t about you or about what you’re giving up. But we’ll get to that soon. For those that might not be familiar with Lent, it is the 40 day period (not including Sundays) between [Read More…]

The Story is Everything

The Story we tell ourselves, or the Story in which we are living, or the Story in which we want to be living, determines everything. If you tell yourself the Story of Happiness, then everything you do will be determined by whether it makes you happy. If you tell yourself the Story of Naturalism, then [Read More…]

Spiritual Interpretation of the Bible

Jonathan Edwards, says one scholar of Edwards, “devoted most of his waking life to meditating on Scripture… praying fervently for the Spirit’s help interpreting and applying the Bible” (169, from The Theology of Jonathan Edwards, ed. M.J. McClymond, G.R McDermott). I wonder, and perhaps you do, how much the current pastor reads the Bible — [Read More…]