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We’ll miss ya, Davy Jones

What’s your favorite Monkees song? memory? [Read more…]

Go Blue Students are Clever

From AP: ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) – Officials are puzzled over a mysterious hot tub that was installed – and then removed – from the roof of a building on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. But a group of “creative” students are believed to be the culprits, Computer Science and Engineering building [Read More…]

Evidence Screaming Reconsideration

Did you see this from To what end? What have we accomplished? By Larry Shaughnessy Keeping one American service member in Afghanistan costs between $850,000 and $1.4 million a year, depending on who you ask. But one matter is clear, that cost is going up. During a budget hearing today on Capitol Hill, Sen. [Read More…]

Anabaptists: What, who, what?

I am often asked “What is an Anabaptist?” and “Who are the Anabaptists?” If one listened to everyone who claimed an anabaptist connection, it would be easy to be confused. So today I want to sketch the view of the one description of Anabaptism that shaped the 20th Century the most. I refer to Harold [Read More…]

Religious Freedom: Under Assault?

Evangelicals and Catholics Together, a well-known attempt to find common ground without whisking away differences, has recently issued a statement on religious freedom. Read the whole statement here, but the paragraphs below are the paragraphs that document the threat against religious freedom today and the strategy ECT recommends. (There’s much to say about issues surrounding [Read More…]