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Influential Women

Emily Temple, at Flavorwire, posts on the ten most influential females in literature. Who is missing? Who is the most influential for you? Since March is Women’s History Month, we’ve been thinking a lot about the women who have had positive and lasting impacts on our lives — and perhaps not surprisingly for a bunch [Read More…]

Can the emotions predict?

By Jonah Lehrer: For thousands of years, human beings have looked down on their emotions. We’ve seen them as primitive passions, the unfortunate legacy of our animal past. When we do stupid things – say, eating too much cake, or sleeping with the wrong person, or taking out a subprime mortgage – we usually blame [Read More…]

In Christ Alone

Very few exclusivists today are as robust in their claims as is Daniel Strange in his essay on the relation of Christianity to the world religions (in Only One Way? Three Christian Responses on the Uniqueness of Christ in a Religiously Plural World, by Gavin D’Costa, Paul Knitter, Daniel Strange). For the robustness alone this [Read More…]

The Four Glories of Heaven

“It is not in heaven that we find God, but in God we find heaven.” Studies of the new heavens and new earth, and I’m thinking especially of Tom Wright’s Surprised by Hope, have brought heaven back to earth because they have urged us to look again at what the New Testament actually says about [Read More…]