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And if you think the first one was too much…

Wow, it gets deeper. By Anne Kadet: Perhaps it was inevitable, given the track record of the American boomer parent. After coaching their kids through junior hockey, supervising their science projects and cowriting their college applications, a growing number of enthusiastic moms and dads are moving to the next challenge, taking on the job of [Read More…]

This is just too much…

By Mickey Goodman: But why have parents shifted from teaching self-reliance to becoming hovering helicopter parents who want to protect their children at all costs? “I think it began in the fall of 1982, when seven people died after taking extra-strength Tylenol laced with poison after it left the factory,” he says. Halloween was just [Read More…]

The Litmus Test

Roger Ols0n, some time back, posted on a litmus test he uses — fallibly, admittedly — to determine if a person’s got genuine inward faith: Usually, somewhere in the conversation the person (as happened recently) claims that IF there is any hope of salvation for the unevangelized, that would undermine missions and evangelism. Then I [Read More…]

If God Then What? 1 (Andrew Wilson)

IF GOD THEN WHAT 1 – THE POWER OF QUESTIONS So here’s the big idea: I think our communication of the Christian message, in an increasingly secular cultural context, needs to involve asking really good questions, and not just providing really good answers. Most of the time, when Christians are articulating the gospel in a [Read More…]

The Birth of Purgatory

The correlation between birth and death hovers at 1:1. That unalterable ratio leads humans to ponder what happens at and after death. Christian theology teaches that humans have the opportunity to spend eternity in the presence of God, nuances and footnotes unmentioned. Let us assume that to enjoy the presence of God one must enjoy [Read More…]