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Photo in Need of a Caption

What do you see? [Read more…]

A New Kind of Victim

From the New Humanist: A former semi-professional footballer is suing the British arm of the Baptist World Alliance, claiming that the 19 years he spent as a “fervent evangelist” in the Baptist faith deprived him of the chance to play for Manchester United. Forty-six-year-old Arquimedes Nganga, who now lives in Forest Hill, London, but used [Read More…]

What happened to the “writer”?

By Tim Parks: Since when did being a writer become a career choice, with appropriate degree courses and pecking orders? Does this state of affairs make any difference to what gets written? At school we were taught two opposing visions of the writer as artist. He might be a skilled craftsman bringing his talent to [Read More…]

If God then What? 2 (Andrew Wilson)

IF GOD THEN WHAT 2 – SEVEN REALLY GOOD QUESTIONS In my last post, I talked about the central importance, when discussing the message of Jesus with those who don’t follow him, of asking really good questions, not just providing really good answers. So I thought it might make sense to give a few examples [Read More…]

Problems for Purgatory

There may be glimmers or suggestions for belief in purgatory, or something like it, in the ancient Jewish and Christian world, but Purgatory as we now know it arose in the 12th and 13th Century. Some didn’t like it, and I want to look today at criticisms of Purgatory — by Lutherans, the Reformed, and [Read More…]