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Early Marriage Stressors

From USAToday: Good advice? Don’t let stress sabotage your relationship, says Thomas Bradbury, co-founder of the UCLA Relationship Institute. His advice: 1. Get stress on your radar. Learn to recognize when your partner is feeling stressed, and cut him or her some slack. 2. Step up. When your partner is tired and stressed, that’s your signal to [Read More…]

Vocal Trends and Young Women

By Douglas Quenqua: Whether it be uptalk (pronouncing statements as if they were questions? Like this?), creating slang words like “bitchin’ ” and “ridic,” or the incessant use of “like” as a conversation filler, vocal trends associated with young women are often seen as markers of immaturity or even stupidity. Right? But linguists — many [Read More…]

Absolute Perfection?… Oh My (RJS)

There is a new book just out, a collection of essays edited by James K. Hoffmeier and Dennis R. Magary Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? exploring a wide range of topics written by seminary professors from several different institutions including Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Dallas, Denver, Southwestern, and a few others. I don’t have [Read More…]

Justification is Western

Many theologians observe today that justification, as traditionally understood, has fallen on hard times. Only these hard times can explain the attraction of so many to a revision of our understanding of justification, and that revision began with EP Sanders and continued in the work of Jimmy Dunn, Tom Wright, and many others. Alan J. [Read More…]