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Three Cheers for Introverts

(Adam, you listening?) By Susan Cain: (CNN) — The theory of evolution. The theory of relativity. The Cat in the Hat. All were brought to you by introverts. Our culture is biased against quiet and reserved people, but introverts are responsible for some of humanity’s greatest achievements — from Steve Wozniak’s invention of the Apple [Read More…]

Linsanity has left the house

The NY Knicks, evidently, won’t be featuring Jeremy Lin as much now that they have a new coach. The great lesson of Linsanity — at least, as we understood it in February — is that expertise can be flawed and impressions faulty.Jeremy Lin taught us not to assume too much, especially as it pertains to [Read More…]

This is what prison is for…

I’m convinced the death penalty does us no good, and neither does it ultimately restore justice. Whether one agrees with me or not, restoration to society is the aim of imprisonment, and here’s a guy who seems to be on that path. The letter to the editor of a prestigious archaeology magazine came from inmate [Read More…]

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Gracious Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ came down from heaven to be the true bread which gives life to the world: Evermore give us this bread, that he may live in us, and we in him; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen. [Read more…]