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Hard to Change

Razib Khan’s post on why change is difficult: One of the things I instinctively hated about my “ancestral culture,” that of Bangladesh, is that there wasn’t that great of an emphasis on individual independent thought. Why, for example, was it important never to drink water while you were eating, as opposed to after you were [Read More…]

Writers and Readers Who Write to Writers

From Lists of Note: In July of 1952, Nancy Mitford wrote to her friend, the famous novelist Evelyn Waugh, and asked: “What do you do with all the people who want interviews, with fan letters & with fans in the flesh? Just a barrage of nos?” Waugh’s reply contained the following — a list of the stock [Read More…]

Divorce Advice

By Russell Moore: Dear Dr. Moore, My wife and I are at an impasse. There’s been no abandonment, no sexual immorality, and no abuse. We just don’t get along. We shouldn’t have married. We should have known we are incompatible. I know God hates divorce but I don’t have any other option. My pastor and [Read More…]

A Justification Worldview

The issue for Alan Spence is that the Western world for a long, long time taught what I called last week a “justification worldview,” one in which humans are sinners and God is judge and those sinners are called to account before God in a grand final judgment. How they fair in that judgment determines [Read More…]

Tears in Heaven?

My pastor when I was a teenager often said from the pulpit that if there are tears in heaven, or at the last judgment, it will be the result of realizing how sinful we were or comprehending what we didn’t do and could have done. He said this often and that is why I remember [Read More…]