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Ross Douthat on Romney

Ross Douthat points to three features of the Romney campaign that have slowed down victory … but I’d suggest his goalposts are moving comment might  be the best idea: what is happening is that the media doesn’t want that campaign to end. So they are moving the goalposts to prolong the story. Mitt Romney has [Read More…]

Presidential Spending

No source is more “infallible” than The Daily Beast and Andrew Sullivan’s “biased and balanced” coverage, but here it is: [Read more…]

Vatican Fragment

By Giacomo Galeazzi: There’s a bit of sensationalism and a bit of news and a bit of history (belief in resurrection after three days) in this recent discussion out of the Vatican: Professor, what is the Gabriel’s Revelation stela on show in the “Verbum Domini” exhibition in the Vatican? “It is an extraordinary archaeological find [Read More…]

On Praise for being “Out of the Loop”

By Brett McCracken: The technological structures of our Twitterstream, iPhone-ready, newsticker, push-notification culture have made “being in the loop” as natural a thing for us as breathing–and almost as important. These days, it’s seen as essential to know what’s going on in the world–what’s trending–and not only to know about it, but to comment on it. [Read More…]

It All Goes Back to One Guy

Christian theology in the West all goes back to Augustine. Even when theology today is not completely shaped by Augustine, and even when it diverges from him (as it often does), it gets its framework from Augustine. Which means Augustine gets blamed often, and many times wrongly. I once read a manuscript by an author [Read More…]

Business People 5 (Michael Kruse)

Real estate people say real estate is about three things: location, location, location. Well I suspect integrating business and faith is also about three things: vocation, vocation, vocation. “Vocation” comes from the Latin vocare meaning “to call.” “God calls each of us into the divine relationship, and we respond to this call through the living [Read More…]