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Some of you know, perhaps from reading my One.Life, that some of our North Park students are involved in or on a 7000 mile walk from Cape Town to north Africa in an effort to raise money for water. March 22 is World Water Day… so here is an announcement and an offer from Amy [Read More…]

How Should We Respond? (RJS)

We are all molded by a variety of influences and influencers – those who encourage and those who discourage. Nature, genes, environment, nurture, circumstance, heroes, the Spirit… parents, grandparents, pastors, professors, friends. We are also products of our time and culture. The way we interact with important issues in relationships – whether it be with [Read More…]

The Idolatry of Nation

“For [the one] who has lost God the people [or, the nation] can be a first station on [a] new way.” These are the words of Martin Buber, that brilliant Jewish philosopher. He is reflecting here on the loss of his pietist roots in Hasidic Judaism and on his first impulse to channel that former [Read More…]