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Scientists Unite!

From David Hill: Academic research is behind bars and an online boycott by 8,209 researchers (and counting) is seeking to set it free…well, more free than it has been. The boycott targets Elsevier, the publisher of popular journals like Cell and The Lancet,  for its aggressive business practices, but opposition was electrified by Elsevier’s backing of a Congressional bill titled [Read More…]

Divorce-Proofing a Marriage

Here’s a news item by Kathy Benjamin on stats and divorce, and each has a short explanation at the site: 1. Quit Smoking 2. Take Up Optometry 3. Share Chores 4. Live in a Blue State 5. Hang Out With People Who Aren’t Divorced 6. Marry Someone You Met at School 7. Have Sons   [Read More…]

A Fine Instrument

I’m a huge fan of fountain pens. (See here.) In fact, I rarely use anything but a fountain pen, even to underline in books. When I travel I use a Waterman pen with blue ink to leave a reminder that blue ink means vacation and travel. Otherwise I rotate through my small collection of fountain [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

We are back in action after a week off from Weekly Meanderings during our Spring Break. Gotta read this one by Pastor Matt: “I was shocked that such brutality could happen right outside the doors to our church building but I was glad to know that God has raised up young men who are willing [Read More…]