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Quite the Duet Here!

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Gas Prices — how do they work?

From AP: NEW YORK (AP) – Watching the numbers on the gas pump tick ever higher can boil the blood and lead the mind to wonder: Why are gasoline prices so high? Many stand accused, including oil companies, the president, Congress, and speculators on Wall Street. Others assume that the earth is just running out [Read More…]

Sunday Tats for Tatfans

This post doesn’t always know the difference between Bible and otherwise, but there are some tats here that some might like … Which is your favorite tat here? Some people like to get tattooed themselves with Psalms and verses. If you specifically like certain lines, then you could get them inked. You have to decide [Read More…]

Wandering Minds

A wandering mind indicates a good memory… I like that! From Orion Jones: What’s the Latest Development? Resent research suggests that mind wandering is associated with good working memory, itself a measure of intelligence, reading comprehension and IQ score. The new study, published in Psychological Science, asked individuals to perform routine tasks and monitored how often [Read More…]

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Almighty God, you alone can bring into order the unruly wills and affections of sinners: Grant your people grace to love what you command and desire what you promise; that, among the swift and varied changes of the world, our hearts may surely there be fixed where true joys are to be found; through Jesus [Read More…]