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Jonathan Merritt’s 3d Way

From USA Today by Tom Krattenmaker: But not far below the surface, change is afoot in the ranks of a once-reliable GOP voting bloc and around that term, “evangelical.” As has been widely reported, more evangelicals are breaking formation and tackling social problems such as poverty and human trafficking that weren’t on the evangelical political [Read More…]

Tax Code, Tax Reform

By Fareed Zakaria, at Does anyone like our tax code? Who opposes tax reform? What say you? We’re going to hear a lot of polarized rhetoric over the next few months. The Republicans and Democrats will seem to disagree about everything. But there is one huge and important area where there is a possibility [Read More…]

Protestant Critique of Catholic

It’s been going on for almost 400 years now. Luther unleashed an understanding of the gospel and of justification in a way that criticized the Catholic understanding. It could be said, however, that Luther pushed Augustine against Aquinas, but that would not be entirely accurate. Regardless, Alan J. Spence, in his new book (Justification: A [Read More…]

Business People 7 (Michael Kruse)

I’m so grateful for this excellent series by Michael Kruse. Hope you all appreciate his fair-minded summaries. I believe one of the biggest issues in what Christians say and hope about politics and economics rests upon flimsy understandings of how economies work. Michael Kruse has been a teacher for many of us. How do we [Read More…]