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Sad, but true: Cold Coffee? Yuck!

From Grub Street NY: Do you drink this stuff? Why? All this week, Jonathan Rubinstein, the owner of the Joe mini-chain, has gone into work wondering whether today will be The Day. “Each year, there is one day when the world changes,” he says. It’s the day when the entire population it seems switches from hot [Read More…]

What to do?

This situation, I’m sure intended to teach something about faith and persecution, unleashed both some trauma and lots of criticisms. A decade or two back our high school football coach staged a shooting (of himself by another) in order to “teach” the football team something. The issue today is not to jump on this youth [Read More…]

Life’s Intersections (:mic)

Our friend Michael Thompson posted this and permitted me to post it here: In the city where I live there is an intersection which has two gas station/convenience stores, one on the southeast corner and one on the northwest corner.  They are both Speedway brand stores . . . no joke.  It is my hope [Read More…]

At the Core of the Evangelical Gospel

Behind almost all evangelical evangelism, and I have spelled this out in The King Jesus Gospel, is Martin Luther’s understanding of justification by faith. While American evangelicalism has lots of influences that shape and reshape what this movement is, behind it all stands the Reformation, and at the core of the Reformation is Luther’s belief [Read More…]