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Holy Week and Consumerism

Good article by James Martin at Slate: Sending out hundreds of Easter cards this year? Attending way too many Easter parties? Doing some last-minute shopping for gifts to place under your Easter tree? Getting tired of those endless Easter-themed specials on television? I didn’t think so. Unlike Christmas, whose deeper spiritual meaning has been all [Read More…]

Dogs and the Masters

Mercy, from AP: SEATTLE (AP) – Russ Berkman’s dream came true when he won a lottery for four passes to Wednesday’s practice round at the Masters golf tournament in Georgia. But the Seattle-area resident’s stomach turned when he found his dog, Sierra, had eaten them. Berkman told KJR radio on Tuesday he was determined to [Read More…]

Baseball and Its Glove

Daniel Fromson, at the Atlantic, on a new synthetic baseball glove. TRADITION OR NOT, all sports will evolve,” the science-fiction novelist Arthur C. Clarke predicted: even “the grand old game” of Ruth and Mays would be transformed by bionic-armed pitchers wielding lightweight, non-leather gloves. The cyborgs haven’t arrived, but their catching device has. It has spent [Read More…]

Business Majors

See this report from WSJ by Melissa Korn? What does your company look for in candidates? Undergraduate business majors are a dime a dozen on many college campuses. But according to some, they may be worth even less. More than 20% of U.S. undergraduates are business majors, nearly double the next most common major, social [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Must read of the week about Thabiti Boone. (HT: LNMM) “He went to work for a law firm in Rochester and made enough for a real place, a real bedroom for Kim, a real life. Money kept law school on the back burner, but over the next couple decades, he made a good living, eventually [Read More…]