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Internet’s Impact on Reading

I’ve been saying for years that the internet has made many students better writers and read more but others say the opposite. This chart … well, you take a look at yourself: [Read more…]

Wearing the Cross

Scotland’s head Catholic cleric calls on Christians to wear the cross: Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric has called on Christians to wear a cross every day as “a symbol of their beliefs” and to combat the marginalisation of religion in modern society. The plea by Cardinal Keith O’Brien, head of the Catholic church inScotland, to be [Read More…]

Free Will is an Illusion? (RJS)

I have been moving of late to include some administrative roles in my duties – and this has led me to receive and even read with interest The Chronicle of Higher Education. The March 23 issue of The Chronicle Review has the provocative cover statement … You may think you decided to read this. You’re [Read More…]

Ben Witherington, Women in Ministry 1

You can’t do much more in 7 minutes, and no one in the world has been at work on this topic longer than Ben — or at least if there is anyone, he’s among those who have been at it the longest. Ben’s dissertation was on this topic — and we won’t go on to [Read More…]