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Which religion has the most holidays?

By Brian Palmer, at Slate: Friday is a big day in two of the world’s major religions. Christians celebrate Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, while Jews begin Passover, the holiday marking their ancestors’ escape from ancient Egypt. Which of the world’s major religions has the most festivals and holidays throughout the year? Hinduism and [Read More…]

Pope Benedict XVI and Women in Ministry

The Pope does not agree with many of us. He has recently taken a firm stand against ordaining women. A fuller report can be found here. Pope Benedict has restated the Roman Catholic Church’s ban on women priests and warned that he would not tolerate disobedience by clerics on fundamental teachings. Benedict, who for decades [Read More…]

Tom Wright on How (not) to Read the Gospels

Tom Wright’s new book, How God Became King, complains that too many Christians have developed bad habits in how to read the Gospels. The essential complaint is this one: what we need to get from the Gospels we can often find; if that is how we use the Gospels then that is also why they [Read More…]

Train the Brain 1

Last Saturday I posted a link in Weekly Meanderings to a review in The New Yorker of T.M. Luhrmann’s new book, When God Talks Back, and I found the review a bit peevish to be honest. I have loads of respect for cultural anthropologists, not the least of which reasons is that this scholar, T.M. [Read More…]