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New Appearance to the Blog

You can see that our blog at Patheos has a new appearance, an attempt by Patheos to make the blog more accessible and other Patheos blogs more accessible. What are your observations? [Read more…]


Our friend Helen Lee tells her story of entering the homeschooling option … and I clip here only the beginning, so read the rest at the link: When I was 6 and my dad had been hired by the U.S. government to work as an economist, one of the first things he and my mom [Read More…]

Women at Augusta

Every year the media remind us that Augusta National, maybe the poshest golf club and course in the world, doesn’t permit women to be members, and then they all seem to forget the story the rest of the year. Year-long pressure might be more effective. Still, there are some legal issues — Does a private [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Chicago, by Kyle Flubacker. Steve Buttry turns around the criticism by journalists: “Dear Newsroom Curmudgeon, I sometimes share your anxiety and occasionally share your concerns about some of the changes in journalism. I learned journalism in the old school, same as you. I am steeped in the same values of accuracy, fairness, dogged reporting and good [Read More…]