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Prom is Pricey

USAToday: How much did you spend on prom? Or what do you know about how pricey prom has become? Prom is the new wedding, and spending on the springtime high school dance is climbing within reach of celebrations of holy matrimony…. This year, families with teens are expected to spend an average of $1,078 on [Read More…]

David Brooks Takes on “Service Religion”

Service religion is David Brooks‘ expression for the do-gooders of our world, those who frown on politics and smile at compassion, and Brooks says it’s not enough. Who has read soe Hammett or Chandler and do you agree with Brooks? In short, there’s only so much good you can do unless you are willing to [Read More…]

Karl Barth Undermined Justification

The worldview of justification, which includes that God is just and the judge, that humans are sinful, and that in Christ alone God declares humans “right with God,” is undermined by the theologies of Friedrich Schleiermacher and Karl Barth. So contends Alan Spence in his sketch of the history of the idea in his new [Read More…]

Do You Hear God?

Vineyard Christians do. And T.M. Luhrmann, in her new book When God Talks Back, studies how Vineyard Christians know the voice of God What are the distinguishing features of hearing God? What are the tests for hearing God? How do you know it is “God” and not just your brain talking to itself? These are [Read More…]