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Pastors and Salvation in Christ Alone

From CP: I would like to see this same survey asked of 20somethings, 30 somethings, and then 50somethings. A recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research found that while a majority of Protestant pastors believe Christianity is the only way to obtain eternal life, there is a small percentage who strongly feel other religions offer eternal salvation [Read More…]

Divorce and Custody

My friend, Tony Jones, testified in court. The issue, in part, is percentage of custody; the issue, at its heart, are laws that favor mothers and discriminate against fathers. Here’s some of Tony’s post: Last month, I testified in front of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee of the Minnesota Senate. I spoke in favor of Bill 1402, [Read More…]

Anatomy of the Soul (RJS)

I was given a book recently,  Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson, that connects with ideas we have discussed in a number of different posts – from those on Joel Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life to  a series on Science and Sin. The topic also connects with posts on Science and Christian [Read More…]

Jesus as God — but which God?

One of the career-long projects of N.T (Tom) Wright has been the “question of God,” and if you read his New Testament and the People of God you will remember his use of the lower case “god” in that book as he was setting up a major proposal as his (now) three volume set develops. [Read More…]