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Go-Go Moyer Wins Again!

Jamie Moyer becomes the oldest MLB pitcher to win a game. Here’s the story from the link: Jamie Moyer showed there remains a place for a vintage lefty in a young man’s game as the 49-year-old became the oldest pitcher to ever win a major league contest. He threw seven strong innings and Dexter Fowler hit [Read More…]

We Back Pat!

This is sad news: Pat Summitt is stepping down from head coach at Tennessee. Pat Summitt set the tone for women’s top-level basketball, and we’ll miss her presence and hope and pray for her in the tough days ahead. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Pat Summitt is stepping aside as Tennessee’s women’s basketball coach and taking [Read More…]

Titanic Priest

Here’s a good story of a priest ministering to the end: [The story often untold] is that of Fr. Thomas Byles, the Catholic priest who gave up two spots on a lifeboat in favour of offering spiritual aid to the other victims as they all went down with the “unsinkable” vessel. A 42-year-old English convert, Fr. [Read More…]

Ed Stetzer, President Obama, Gov Romney, and Faith

From CP: Now, the Presidential race is really on – and down to two candidates, both who identify themselves as “Christians.” But, it appears, that many Americans (and a strong majority of evangelicals) don’t think either of them actually are Christians. In other words, both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney profess to be [Read More…]

Lunch “Break”

From USAToday: Are you seeing/experiencing this? As general sales manager for Clear Channel Communications here, Mary George Meiners used to take leisurely lunches with clients and associates — until an increasingly busy schedule robbed her of the time. Now Meiners usually just buys a sandwich and eats it at her desk. “Everyone’s busier all the way [Read More…]

(A) Reformed View of the New Perspective

The clash was inevitable, but the clash has too often taken place under terms and categories that unfairly describe the other side. The traditionally Reformed have a stake in framing Paul’s gospel as justification by faith, and behind that they traditionally understand the problem to be humans who strive to establish themselves before God. A [Read More…]

Imagination Seeking Faith

Another way of saying it: “I imagine, therefore I believe.” How does one come to the view that God — invisible, inaudible — is both present and intimate and a person? Perhaps no group is more associated with talking to God and hearing from God as much as the charismatic tradition, and so T.M. Luhrmann’s [Read More…]