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Go ahead and smoke, but don’t work here!

Did you see this one from Ft Worth? What’s gonna happen when they ban deep fat fried food in New Orleans? Or cheese in Milwaukee? If a new policy is adopted, smokers in Fort Worth, Texas, may no longer be eligible to work for the city, WFAA is reporting. In reevaluating its health care strategy, Fort [Read More…]

Women Working, but does it pay?

Here’s a story from What are you hearing about this? Any stories to tell? NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — After factoring in the rising cost of child care, the daily commute and other work-related expenses, a growing number of mothers are figuring out that having a job just doesn’t pay. “It comes down to a [Read More…]

Does Arminianism Preach?

C. Michael Patton’s got a point of view here (italics below), and … I wonder what you think? I made an observation recently that may be completely off base, or it may just betray the reality of the tight Evangelical circles in which I travel most of the time. Either way, here it is: Calvinists have  [Read More…]

An Inexpressible Treasure

To talk about marriage requires wisdom. Wisdom is learning to live in God’s world in God’s way, and God’s way is the gospel. Marriage then is learning about how the relationship of a man and woman works, how families work, how society works … and wisdom draws on every resource needed and available. I can [Read More…]

Kingdom Temptations

Anyone who wants to explain the kingdom of God as taught by Jesus/NT is faced with temptations. Here’s the first one: to want that kingdom to be almost entirely spiritual — something between a person and God, a religious experience, some religious power now at work, something not belonging to this world, something getting someone [Read More…]