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Vineyard Community Cincinnati

Last Saturday I was in Cincinnati at the Vineyard Community Church, led by Dave Workman — and it was great to meet and be with Dave. A new friend, Joe Boyd, invited me … and he was my excellent host … picking me up and carting me around and making sure I got where I [Read More…]

Grading, Grading, Grading

From McSweeney’s … the four stages of grading: THE STAGES OF GRADING. BY DEBBY THOMPSON – – – – Stage I Stage I begins in benign resentment. You’re determined, this time, not to let those 80 term papers and final exams destroy you. It won’t be like the last grading marathon at semester’s end. You will [Read More…]

Genesis For Normal People (RJS)

Peter Enns and Jared Byas have a new e-book published through Patheos that is designed to introduce normal people (whatever this means) to the book of Genesis … the most controversial, misunderstood, and abused book of the Bible. Genesis for Normal People is written in an informal voice for Christians who have little if any [Read More…]

Partisan Theology

This is an excellent post by Krish Kandiah: Its hard to find Christians leaders who are ambivalent about Tom Wright’s writings. You are either for him or against him, love him or hate him. Recognise him as a genius; the leading western biblical scholar of his generation or write him off as a pompous woolly [Read More…]