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Phone Purchasing

By Doug Gross: How about you? You for this? Against this? (CNN) — Most Internet users and tech experts think cash and credit cards will become things of the past in the next decade as people turn to their mobile phones to make payments, results from a newly released survey suggest. Nearly two out of three [Read More…]

Farewell North Park

A little over seventeen years ago I got a phone call from David Nystrom, professor at North Park, asking me if I would be willing to consider teaching at North Park. I said I was and that phone call led eventually to my being offered a teaching post at North Park University, where I have [Read More…]

What Makes Marriage Optimal?

Let’s begin with a question: What is the element or dimension or ingredient that makes marriage work? Some marriages sustain themselves a long while, some of them through the whole of a couple’s life, but barely make it. They are a kind of maintenance marriage. But other marriages flourish, and the question for today — [Read More…]

Diverse Spirituality

What does “spirituality” mean? I find the term altogether slippery since so many use that term for so many different facets of religion and life. Yet, it is a sturdy word when it emerges from careful theological thinking and texts of the Bible — we are “spiritual” Paul says because we no longer of the [Read More…]