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The Place to Begin

Jim Daly, Russ Moore, and Sam Rodriguez have a jointly authored piece, and I’ve clipped a bit of it below, about how we speak of and to one another. I say this is the place to begin, but does it do justice to the biblical rhetoric where we find Jesus willing to refer to some [Read More…]

What we can do without…

From WaPo: What would you add to the list? [Read more…]


From a pastor friend  … a serious question, and I would like to hear how you would answer this. Scot, My business friends often like to talk about what their organization’s “value proposition” is (  Long story short, their value proposition is what sets their company apart from the competition.  They might differentiate themselves by [Read More…]

Do we worship a male God?

This post is by Mimi Haddad, at CBE: Though Hilary was only eight years old, she was old enough to notice the “masculine feel” of her church. As the congregation ended their prayers with an “Amen,” Hilary blurted out “All men!” A friend seated next to her asked “Why did you say all men?” She [Read More…]