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No More Moderates! No More Diversity!

David Gergen and Michael Zuckerman: (CNN) — As this election season unfolds, we are watching an age-old dream in politics go horribly smash. It isn’t good for politics, and it sure isn’t good for the country. President Franklin Roosevelt helped to fire up the dream during his second term in office. Coming off a massive [Read More…]

Possible? Impossible? Barely Impossible?

What’s your view? Is it possible to be a disciple of Jesus and a politician today? Tim Suttle, on Paul Ryan, gets to this question and then offers a set of options: Should politicians really be telling theologians what to think? I wonder if this is even more evidence that 1) you can’t be a [Read More…]

Chamique Holdsclaw about Pat Summitt

From HLN: “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” That’s what Coach Pat Summitt used to preach to us in practice all the time. As an adult, I find myself using that message in my daily life. That was the special thing about Coach Summitt and her lessons: They weren’t just lessons for the [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Not Chicago Reviews that missed the mark. “Many pioneering artists have endured abuse from critics and naysayers. But once in a blue moon, time brings acceptance and acclaim, making those early detractors look silly to future generations. Check out how the following works—whose ‘classic’ status now seems self-evident—were once butchered by the Simon Cowells of [Read More…]