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The “And” Generation

This “and” generation idea is clever and accurate. From Joyce E.A. Russell: What millennials want from the workplace “We call them the ‘and’ generation,” said Liam Brown, chief operations officer at the hotel giant Marriott International. “They want a career and fun and a balanced lifeand to make an impact on the world. They don’t want to [Read More…]


By Chris Abel, at Relevant Magazine: Do you see value in denominations? C.S. Lewis wrote in the preface to Mere Christianity that we should be careful with the word “Christian.” Lewis believed the term should be used strictly in the definitive sense, to describe those that follow “the teaching of the apostles” and not as a [Read More…]

Marriage as Covenant

Marriage is like an A-frame house. The two grow closer together to form one life on the basis of a solemn covenant made with one another, a covenant that sustains the two during stress and that forms the mutually-agreed-upon foundation that shapes the whole of that life.  The metaphor comes from Tim and Kathy Keller, [Read More…]

Kingdom and Cross

It is too easy to want kingdom and forget the cross, or make it part of one’s agenda; and it is too easy to want cross, and not know what to make of the kingdom. But Israel’s Story, Israel’s God, the people of God, and the clash of the forces of evil with the ways [Read More…]