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When Sad — Ted Gossard

My friend Ted Gossard wrote this post and I’m reposting it here: I sense it will speak to many. Emotions are a part of life, and to be taken seriously. They can actually be a help or a hindrance, depending on what we do with them. I have struggled more or less much of my [Read More…]

A Pastor’s Letter to a Young Pastor

This post is from a friend and written by him. It is a letter he sent recently to a younger pastor… Early on as pastor of this church I found out some retired guys met at McDonalds on Thursday mornings. There they hung out together to drink cheap coffee, sit on hard chairs and shoot [Read More…]

Abraham and Israel for Normal People (RJS)

Peter Enns and Jared Byas have a new e-book Genesis for Normal People designed to introduce Christians who have little if any formal training in biblical studies to the ancient voice of Genesis and to the purpose and focus of the book. It will rock the world for some because it presents the purpose and [Read More…]

The Gospel of God’s Glory

There’s a cottage industry of books about the gospel, and Matt Chandler’s book, The Explicit Gospel, is the newest one produced. No one is any more satisfied than I in seeing a focus on gospel, an area on which I have been focusing for about a decade. Odd, isn’t it, that the heart of our faith [Read More…]