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What Young Adults Care About

Charles Blow: [Read more…]

That Slippery Slope Again

Together for the Gospel recently had some discussion about one of its central ideas, namely complementarianism. (Sigh.) Two points can be found in the clip below: Russ Moore and Greg Gilbert say many of those who say they are complementarian are living functionally egalitarian lives [one might wonder why], and Piper claims there’s a slippery [Read More…]

Beyond the Clouds

I joke with my friends from Seattle that I have heard there are mountains in the area but yet to see them, but truth be told: I have seen the mountains and Mt Ranier. Tim and Kathy Keller, in their book The Meaning of Marriage, use this image of clouds sometimes lifting so we can [Read More…]

Catholic Spirituality is Family Spirituality

Scott Hahn’s essay in Christian Spirituality, a presentation of four views (Orthodox, Catholic, Liberal Prot and evangelical), is a tour de force — it captures it all through the lens of family, that is through covenant as establishing “kinship,” and that all means that Catholic spirituality is through and through ecclesial. Before we go on [Read More…]