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Homophobia an Indicator?

Richard M. and William S. Ryan: WHY are political and religious figures who campaign against gay rights so often implicated in sexual encounters with same-sex partners?… One theory is that homosexual urges, when repressed out of shame or fear, can be expressed as homophobia. Freud famously called this process a “reaction formation” — the angry [Read More…]

Analytical Thinking and Faith

Amina Khan: Does this not need also to be examined from the angle of how we influence our own brains on the basis if what kind of thinking we do? Scientists have revealed one of the reasons why some folks are less religious than others: They think more analytically, rather than going with their gut. [Read More…]

(Paradigm) Shift Happens (RJS)

In 1962 Thomas S. Kuhn published a book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Few academic books become classics – must reads in a field, much less more broadly. Kuhn’s book has achieved that status – some 1.4 million copies sold and still counting. And more have heard of the broad concepts of his work than [Read More…]

The Gospel from the Air

Matt Chandler, in his new book, The Explicit Gospel, makes a case for two dimensions of gospel — one on the ground, which is basically individual salvation, and one from the air, which he calls the meta-narrative of the Bible. The former focuses on God, man, Christ, response; the gospel from the air focuses on Creation, [Read More…]