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Universities more intolerant?

By David French: Not long ago, the university was seen as a world apart—an idyllic enclave where our studious youth learned the virtues of citizenship, cheered hard for the football team, and read the great classics of Western thought. The “ivory tower” was more an observation than the insult the term has become, an almost [Read More…]

Social Media, the Positive

Some write apocalyptic warnings about social media, while others fail to think of its impact. But this piece, by Zeynep Tufekci, shows that social media have positive impacts as well. What are two positives for you because of social media? That might not have been apparent to those who picked up their Sunday New York Times [Read More…]

Mainline Spirituality

The facts show that “mainline” is no longer the mainline. It’s in the minority now, and Joseph Driskill in his study of “Mainline Protestant Spirituality” in Four Views on Christian Spirituality says mainline only represents 9% of the religious marketplace.  For Driskill, spirituality is about “the lived experience of faith, the communities that shape the [Read More…]

Beyond Atonement Theories

In the last decade or so atonement theories grabbed the center of theological discussion. Which theory was best? Penal substitution, the essence of the atonement for much of conservative Protestants and evangelicalism, was asked to sit down a while so that other theories could be given attention, including the classic Christus Victor theory so well [Read More…]