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Concussions, Football and You

Are the new studies about concussions, the new reports (Sonjay Gupta, for instance), and the recent revelations of football players who seemingly committed suicide as a result of football injuries (Dave Duerson, Junior Seau) … are these making you rethink or even have a conclusion about permitting your son/s play football? Jonathan Anker: When I [Read More…]

When is the Bible metaphorical?

Carolyn Arends speaks my language and my experience when she says her old days were marked by reading the Bible literally but now she sees more metaphor, but that means we have to ask this question: How do we know when something that can be read literally is actually metaphorical? What are the clues that [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Churches being churches, not perfect churches, just churches, by Jessica Goudeau — at Rachel’s blog: “When a refugee friend came to us to ask for a job, we called our church. They hired him as a janitor on the spot. When we found out that man’s wife made jewelry, our church bought the supplies for [Read More…]