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Somehow the Stone Table Cracks

Here is a good story about Dr. Leland who lost a job and found a new one… (HT: :mic) In addition to learning that I just plain suck at blogging (I think of so many things to say but don’t’ spend the time stopping to write them down), I’ve learned a great deal about God’s [Read More…]

Mimi Haddad: Is God Male?

From CBE’s Arise newsletter, by Mimi Haddad. For the first time in history, significantly fewer women in North America are serving or participating in the life of the church, according to the George Barna Group—considered the leading research organization studying faith and culture. Several weeks after Barna released their 20-year study, two prominent pastor’s conferences [Read More…]

Supersessionism is Not Biblical

I have had a long history of discussing this topic with friends and, while I consider the issue necessary to be nuanced (e.g., do Jews have to believe in Jesus as Messiah? And why is that not at some level superssionistic?), here is a good set of arguments to consider when one discusses this topic: [Read More…]

Andy Stanley, Right and Good

There was a dustup late last week stirred up by Al Mohler, who accused Andy Stanley for soft-pedaling when it came to homosexuality, and then Mohler ramped up the rhetoric by wondering if megachurches were the new liberalism. Denny Burk chirped up some support for Mohler. Then Rick Warren got into the act and told [Read More…]

N.T. Wright and those Pesky Creeds

Tom Wright doesn’t back down from this claim: those who read the Gospels by way of the Creed will miss what the Gospels are saying. He doesn’t back down then from this second claim: if we read the Creed by way of the Gospels — understood in context — we will read the Creeds as [Read More…]