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Hillary Clinton and I

Hillary Clinton I agree on this one — both of us wear glasses when we want and both of us wear our hair the way we want and neither of us thinks it matters: (CNN) – Hillary Clinton laughed off the perpetual conversation over her appearance that landed in the spotlight once again Monday when [Read More…]

Yes, Call it what it is: Patriarchy

For a long time I have said a number of times that I don’t like either “complementarian” or “egalitarian,” since the former is not really what is meant and the latter is too tied into modernity. I only begrudgingly accept egalitarian and prefer the term “mutuality.” So, what Rachel Held Evans said recently is precisely [Read More…]

Half the Sky and the Power of Story (RJS)

I expect this post to be one of my least well-read posts of the year. That alone is an indictment of our church today – and of its leadership, as most of the people who read Jesus Creed are leaders in some form in the church. It isn’t an indictment because women’s issues should be [Read More…]

Cracks in the Bridge

From a distance the bridge looks healthy, even attractive. Up close, and under the eyes of a careful observer, the bridge has cracks. If the cracks are attended to in the right way at the right time, the bridge can sustain itself — even get stronger. If not attended to, the cracks can bring the [Read More…]