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Kids and Football

From Jennifer Mascia, a post she wrote back in February: Over the weekend, former “Dateline” host Stone Phillips wrote in to tell us of a story he recently published on his web site, Stone Phillips Reports, about the first study ever done on head impacts in youth football. “Hard Hits, Hard Numbers” includes interviews with Virginia [Read More…]

From Genesis 3 to Romans 3

I have come across, or been sent, a number of published (book or internet) items about the gospel, and nearly every one of them comes from the same sector of the church and each one presents the gospel in nearly identical form. In the last few years the gospel has become especially important to The [Read More…]

Thom Rainer: Five Challenges for Pastors

Thom Rainer sketches here five typical challenges for a pastor. What would you add? Or correct? It may be one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Indeed, it may be an impossible job to do in our own strength. I know. Before I was LifeWay‘s president or a seminary dean, I served as pastor [Read More…]

How the Church Has Changed

Sitting here reading Thomas E. Bergler’s new book, The Juvenilization of American Christianity , I got to thinking about how the church has changed since I was a kid growing up in America’s heartland fundamentalist Christianity. Well here’s how Bergler defines this condition: “… any way of understanding, experiencing, or practicing the Christian faith that [Read More…]

Evangelicalism’s Spirituality

One way of framing evangelicalism’s spirituality looks like this: “It concerns the manner by which we [evangelicals] live in communion with Christ in response to the Spirit in pursuit of holiness resulting in sacrifice to others” (160). So Evan Howard in the multi-authored and counterpoint book, Christian Spirituality. Accordingly, what are its major “marks”? Here [Read More…]