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Free Copy to the Winner

Kris and I always get a kick out of one of the books being translated into a foreign language. This one, evidently, is Korean — A free copy (in this translation) to the first person who knows the title of this book. T is not permitted in this contest. One guess per person. I will [Read More…]

Losing Faith, Finding Faith

Andrea Palpant Dilley, writing about a story I have myself studied in Finding Faith, Losing Faith, a Baylor University Press book: During my junior year in college, I took a butter knife from my mother’s kitchen  and scraped the Christian fish decal off the back bumper of the Plymouth hatchback I’d inherited from my older [Read More…]

The Brain and Reading

From Dominik Kurek at Inside Halton: The presenters were Dr. Guinevere Eden and Dr. Maureen Lovett. Lovett is a senior scientist in the Neurosciences and Mental Health Program at the Hospital for Sick Children and professor of pediatrics and medical sciences at the University of Toronto. Eden is a professor in the department of pediatrics [Read More…]

Evolution is a Lousy Story (RJS)

There is an interesting post by Tom Bartlett, Is Evolution a Lousy Story?, on the blog at The Chronicle of Higher Education. Bartlett notes that more than half of Americans doubt that evolution describes the origin of species and he considers the role that story may play in this. The post builds off of a [Read More…]

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Ross Douthat, a writer for the NYTimes, has a new book out called Bad Religion that gripes about how heretical American Christianity has become, and on that point he’s undoubtedly right. But what strikes me about his opening sketch of what any reader might be tempted to call his “golden years” of American Christianity — [Read More…]