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Gender Blind?

This post is by Mimi Haddad, President of CBE. For years, everyone wondered why my father had difficulty getting dressed, reading maps, and fixing appliances. We later learned the root of his trouble. During his pilot’s training course it was discovered that my father is color blind. He confuses primary colors and has trouble discerning [Read More…]

“Why am I angry?”

By Dan Bouchelle at Confessions of a Former Preacher: While I don’t fully understand my anger, here is my current best shot at explaining it. I am angry because I couldn’t force the church to live up to my image of what it should be even when they implemented most of the changes I wanted. I am [Read More…]

New Generation, New Evangelicalism

The single biggest mistake of the neo-evangelical coalition, and here I’m thinking of the late 70s through the 80s and into the 90s, was its decision to glue itself to the Republican Party. Led by the architects — Francis Schaeffer, James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson — neo-evangelicalism lost its single-minded evangelical focus. Instead, [Read More…]

From the Desert

What does it mean when we call something a “Christian classic”? What qualifies something for that category? And what would your short list of such classics be? Where do we begin? I suppose some would say a classic is their pastor’s books; others scan a bit wider and think of contemporaries — like Andy Stanley [Read More…]