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Girls vs. Boys … in Sports

What do you think? PHOENIX — Instead of playing in a championship baseball game, Paige Sultzbach and her team won’t even make it to the dugout. A Phoenix school that was scheduled to play the 15-year-old Mesa girl and her male teammates forfeited the game rather than face a female player. Our Lady of Sorrows [Read More…]

Top Five Voting Issues: Barna

From David Kinnaman at Barna: [Read more…]

Great Words

REUTERS /KEVIN LAMARQUE /LANDOV When traveling across the United States, it sometimes feels like the locals are speaking a whole different language. That’s where the Dictionary of American Regional English comes to the rescue. The last installment of this staggering five-volume tome, edited by Joan Houston Hall, was published last month, and let me tell you, it’s [Read More…]

Too Comfortable in the Halls of Power

Jonathan Merritt knows the inside story of evangelicalism’s flirtation with power in the last two decades. Some might say he knows too much; some of it he has experienced himself; he shows the underbelly of some of the Southern Baptist Convention’s gamesmanship when it comes to political issues — including (sadly) environmentalism. His account in A [Read More…]

Bonhoeffer Wasn’t the Answer

This post (and series) is by my friend at Christ Church of Lake Forest, Syler Thomas. I was talking with a friend recently about my new book Game Plan: Practical Wisdom for the College Experience (co-written by Nic Gibson, foreword by Scot McKnight) and he shared a story about the book he received to prepare him [Read More…]